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Virtual Reality Party - Event Information
$249.00 up to 8 children
$19.95 per additional child
This multiplayer Virtual Reality solution packs a powerful punch. In this 1 hour party choose between two games “Chaos Jump” or “Reclaim!”. In Chaos Jump, you can battle a robot army determined to stop you as they travel across space and time to retrieve gold, treasures, & artifacts from exotic worlds. In a Reclam! players teleport platform to platform throughout a virtual urban sci-fi environment and attempt to get the best angles on opponents or run away from an attack. Customize your avatar & get ready for competitive fun! 2 games to choose from for endless fun! 4 players at a time. Large LCD screens keep spectators part of the fun! Enjoy your own private party room with a dedicated party coordinator for the full 1.5 hours (1 hour activity, 30 minutes party room). A variety of food add ons available! Each guest will receive SportsCenter coupons for future fun!
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