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Pro Fitness Party - Event Information
$179.00 up to 8 children
$17.95 per additional child
Get fit in an hour with this action packed party (for children ages 6+)! Sample Package: 1. Continuous warm up (high knee walk, straight back quads, lunges, high knee run, butt kicks, shuffle) 2. Ladder drills (forward hops, side hops, slalom, two in-two out, single leg, backwards) 3. Relay race/shuttle runs 4. Circuit training (Bosu ball squats, plyo box step ups, plate drivers, TRX push up holds) 5. Obstacle course (matt hopscotch, rings jumps, hurdle jumps, rope pull, sled push, ladder) 6. Ab drills & stretch Enjoy your own private party room with a dedicated party coordinator for the full 1.5 hours (1 hour activity, 30 minutes party room). Fuel up after your workout! A variety of food add ons available! Each guest will receive SportsCenter coupons for future fun!
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